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Doc Calls... Fine Custom Duck Calls and Goose Calls

Doc Calls offers both collectability and function in these fine hand made duck calls and goose calls. Custom tuned to fit your style of calling.

The Folk Art of game call making goes back at least to 1880 or maybe even earlier.

Some of the early callmakers are still held in very high regard for the skill and craft they put forward in their call making and therefore their calls have become valuable collector calls with increasing value.

Top values in collector calls has now reached a very high level and each year brings new people who are interested in collecting fine waterfowl calls.

These calls are both functional and collectable. Doc offers several models of duck calls and goose calls, in Exotic woods, Stabilized Woods, Delrin, and acrylic.

There are many things that make these duck calls and goose calls special.

All Doc Calls are hand crafted by Doc, although the acrylic calls are made for Doc by a CNC turner who uses the original design by Doc to produce the calls. Doc cuts and tunes each call insert by hand.

The duck calls are “Arkansas style” with a Glodo Style barrel (resonant cavity).

The insert is Doc's own, original design, which is Stick Proof. This original design has been used by Doc for several years and the experience over time has been that these calls just do not stick, and along with fixing the Sticking problem the low end "Duck" is enhanced.

O Ring adapted insert, for air seal and to retain the stopper in the barrel.

Doc Hull is a Master Callmaker, proud of his craftsmanship and provides customer service, second to none.

Please take the time to look around at the waterfowl calls offered here and feel free to call Doc to talk about what you want to have him make for you.

A recent project made of legal elephant Ivory for the barrel and Westinghouse Mycarta with gold bands.

Carved deep relief image with scrimshaw background.



There are some individuals that are class acts in this world, and Doc Hull is undoubtedly one of them.
There are few people that I can say have impressed me at every opportunity in my dealings with them. Doc Hull has always been one of them. I take some pride in owning his calls. If you are wondering if this is an endorsement, Yes, it is. An endorsement of a man's character as much as his duck calls--both are there to see Bill Coatney AKA DR. Duck

Dr. Hull, Now that I have ordered three different calls from you (and about to order another for a friend's gift) I feel compelled to write a sincere thank you. Your calls are the high point of my collection. The skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the obvious quality of materials point to the finest calls I have ever owned. My birthday gift to myself is stunning. The Bubinga call is just beautiful. My selfish purchase of this call is now considered a family heirloom. We spoke about my sentimental relationship with my old custom cut down Olt D-2s. Well, there is a new favorite. I think I will be ordering a Doc 2-D and putting the Olts on the shelf. The call you made from Mopane and Olive for my pal Tracy Letterman left him speechless. Thank you so very much for the fine calls. I am promoting Doc Calls everywhere I go. Your calls have raised the bar again. My children will ultimately own these calls. I hope they will appreciate them as much as me. Best Regards, Andrew Garret

Lucas Gray

There is not a better craftsman of waterfowl calls out there. Dr. D. D. Hull is a truly great person with the amazing ability to take a block of wood and turn it into a beautiful piece of art in the form of a waterfowl call. I am not aware of anyone that knows more about the various domestic and exotic woods available. I have used Doc’s calls for a few years now with incredible results! Once you have one of his calls in hand, you will be astounded at the quality, beauty and detail in your hands, and they sound better than they look. I don’t know how (and doc won’t tell me his secret), but somewhere in the call he manages to stick about a 4-pound mallard! Great work Doc!

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